Educational Talks

In addition to the wide array of fitness activities available to you, we offer several educational workshops each week.

Topics include:

  • The Tour and History of the Natural Bridge
  • Weight Machines 101
  • Healthy On Your Feet; proper walking techniques
  • Cooking Demo
  • Nutrition Lecture
  • Diabetic Nutrition
  • Herbal Tea Preparation
  • Gardening for Your Health
  • Balancing Health with Nature
  • Taking Home the Program

Our informative Taking the Program Home lecture focuses on implementing a fitness and nutrition plan helpful in reaching your goals and continuing to change your lifestyle.  There will be time to ask questions and you will receive handouts with helpful information about the exercises that you performed while at the spa.  We want you to continue with healthy eating and fitness habits when you go back to the real world and allow your stay at TF Spa to impact and create changes that will last a lifetime.

Download our TN Fitness Spa HandbookClick here to download a copy of our
Tennessee Fitness Spa Handbook