Entertainment & Special Activities

Tennessee Fitness Spa offers various types of entertainment for evening activities from Bingo (great prizes!), movie night with popcorn, self defense, and dancing, to Zumba and karaoke.  Frequently, we feature special workshops, musical performances, arts and crafts, and so on.  Meditation allows you the opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation.  It is offered twice a week, unless you come during one of our popular Meditation Weeks, during which time it is offered five days.  Yoga is also offered twice each week and helps to promote relaxation, flexibility, and proper techniques.  For more in-depth instruction, make sure to check out our Specials and Events page to see when Yoga Weeks are offered.

Current Specials and Events

Participating in recreational activities is a great way to get to know fellow guests and have fun!  Please let a member of the fitness staff know if you have any special requests.  We also encourage guests to let us know if they can offer an activity or workshop during their stay that may enhance our program.  We may be able to find room on the schedule!