Water Aerobics

Water AerobicsWater AerobicsWater AerobicsWater Aerobics

Our aqua fitness program has a wide variety of activities available to you.  Guests of all fitness levels can enjoy, and benefit from, the classes offered in the pool.  For those water lovers who choose not to venture off on our land walks every morning, water walking is available to you in our 30’ x 60’ heated swimming pool.  We offer classes daily, which may include aqua aerobics, aqua tabata, aqua abs, aqua delta bells, aqua noodle, aqua circuit, aqua games, and/or aqua volleyball.  It’s a refreshing way to start or end your day and help to loosen up all those muscles.  Also, for those of you who suffer from joint problems, the water classes are an excellent way to get in a great workout while not putting extra stress on those areas.  There is loads of fun in store for you, so make sure to pack your suit and get ready to jump in!