Block of Fame

Success Stories

Our guests return each year with success stories about reaching their goals as a result of lifestyle changes that they learned during their week long visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa and then implemented in their home life. As an incentive to “Take the Program Home” and carry the new lifestyle into your everyday life, we have a walkway of garden blocks where each guests can proudly proclaim their success in writing. 

Block of Fame

Our guests can earn their garden “Block of Fame” by decreasing their percentage of body fat and/or by losing a total amount of fat pounds.

To qualify, you must lose one or more of the following:                     

    -50 fat* pounds          -15% body fat

Or gain +10% in Muscle Mass

Your qualifying period will begin on the date of your first visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa. There is no limit on the time it takes to achieve your goal however you will be required to visit the spa at least once each season in order to keep your file active.

Your goals will be rewarded if you use Tennessee Fitness Spa’s philosophy of healthy lifestyle changes. If you choose to use surgical weight loss, or other means not recommended by Tennessee Fitness Spa, you will not be eligible.

*With the InBody Scale we are able to differinciate between muscle mass and fat mass therefore the weight loss must be fat loss and not muscle mass.

We Hope Everyone Who Qualifies Will Take Up the Challenge!

Good Luck from your friends at Tennessee Fitness Spa!!