After 33 wonderful years as Tennessee Fitness Spa, we made the difficult decision at the end of 2023 to embark on a new chapter. We listed the scenic and historic Natural Bridge property with a realtor. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please contact us by email at or by phone at (931)722-5589. While the property is for sale, we apologize that we cannot allow visitors due to liability reasons.

We are deeply grateful for your loyalty and support throughout our many rewarding years. Our memories with our guests and staff will be forever cherished, and we hope to stay in touch for years to come. Thank you for being a part of our Tennessee Fitness Spa family.

Reviews of our weight loss camp and fitness resort

Our rustic Spa is in the beautiful hills of Middle Tennessee, making us the perfect weight loss camp and fitness retreat for anyone looking to plan a healthy and affordable vacation. The Spa is located on 48 Creek, adjacent to a double-span Natural Bridge. We would love for you to read the great reviews about our wellness resort on TripAdvisor and Yelp. We strive to make all our guests feel welcomed which is reflected in our 70% return guest ratio.

To learn more about Tennessee Fitness Spa, we encourage you to watch FlipFlopTravel Blogger’s video about her stay and see the videos about our facilities, grounds, walking program, nutrition classes, and the Natural Bridge on our Videos Page.

Evaluation Forms

We encourage our current and past guests to share their ideas and comments with us, so we provide Guest Evaluation Forms in our welcome packets and on this website. Every evaluation form is read by the manager of the Fitness Spa, and every suggestion, complaint, compliment, and idea is taken seriously. Our goal is to provide our guests a safe and comfortable home away from home, where they can concentrate on pursuing their fitness and health goals. If you would like to fill out an evaluation about a recent stay, click the button below.

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New Reviews

If you’ve already stayed with us, we would appreciate your reviews of Tennessee Fitness Spa. Please go to TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Google and write about your favorite part of your Tennessee Fitness vacation.

I’ve been coming since 2013. The fitness staff is excellent, they will do everything thing to help you and accommodate your strengths and weaknesses add programs or alter to fit your style and needs. As a very picky eater, I must say that I found the food to be very good and they accommodate everyone’s dietary needs, likes, and dislikes. The grounds are beautiful. They understand you come to relax, get healthy and fit. Rooms are cabins but very clean and comfortable. They have lots of return guests and through the years I have made great friends from all over. There are activities every night. Sunday is less structured because people are usually coming and going. But still, plenty to do. Love it.
Special shout outs to Kimi Sue, Toni, and Allen from Fitness

Plenty to do!
Katheryn B.

Tennessee Fitness Spa offers a rustic, campy atmosphere with friendly staff and many returning guests. It is a great place to jump-start your fitness routine and relax.

Friendly staff and many returning guests
Skyler J. Nashville, TN
Went to this fitness retreat and was feeling the effects from Covid, isolation, weight gain, depression, etc. The incredible staff made such a difference. The nicest group of people. Losing weight was wonderful but the comradery made me feel like I wasn’t in this alone, and we could come through together. On a side note, there was disinfectant everywhere and superior regard for Covid safety. I haven’t been in a place which has been so conscientious about the disinfectant measures. Family owned and operated, I believe that is the real difference–they monitor with their hearts. Highly recommend this phenomenal group and relaxing setting.

This was my 5th visit back to TFS and they only get better! The staff, the fitness, the food, the surroundings are all great! When I drive into this place my spirits soar. Can’t wait until I go back…

5th Stay
Susan F.

Dan J. Transformation

I have struggled with weight gain all of my life. In the last few years, in particular, that weight gain has affected my health. Two and a half years ago I discovered Tennessee Fitness Spa. These pictures reflect that first visit of five weeks. I was able to lose just over 20 lbs. during that period of time. Between the diet of healthy foods that Belinda had me on and the physical fitness routine that Kimi Sue had me pursuing, my excess pounds didn’t stand a chance. I’ve had times when my weight increased again but a two-week visit to the Tennessee Fitness Spa always gets me back on the right track. It’s a system that works!

Dan J.

This place has been perfect for me to jump-start my fitness regimen and also unwind and relax. The instructors and staff are all super encouraging and supportive. It definitely has more of a laid-back camp feel than a fancy spa but that has the benefit of not being pretentious or intimidating.  It’s a no-makeup, who cares what you look like kind of place that attracts guests of all ages and fitness levels.

A perfect place.
Caroline T. Midtown, Atlanta, GA

I DID IT! Got my “Block of Fame!”… Thank you Tennessee Fitness Spa for giving me a whole new outlook on life, and teaching me how to be a healthier, more fit person. Biggest thanks of all to my girl…Kimi Sue Kelley! Weighed in at 123.3 today. Lost 46.3 pounds and 15.3+ percent body fat in 6 months.
Melissa H.

I went with my husband last year and we both loved it. He lost 11 pounds in 4.5 days, and I lost 6. Everything was great–the food, instructors, and workouts were all outstanding. The area is beautiful too, and it was a special treat to go for a walk, run, and/or hike every morning on the country roads.

Everything was great
Maria B. Arlington, VA

I was there many years ago, so things may have changed. The food was quite good and I’m a picky eater. It inspired me to believe that healthy food could be tasty. Some of the classes are probably not targeted toward people who are fairly fit. There is a wide range of fitness levels but when I was there, most of the clientele was middle-aged and overweight. The walks in the morning were a great way to start the day but as I recall the “spa” services were lacking-who knows, perhaps that’s changed- it’s been a long time. I stayed in a 4-bed apartment with 3 strangers- it was good.

A wide range of fitness
D H. Tinley Park, IL

Tennessee Fitness Spa Family

It’s mostly thanks to you guys at the Tennessee Fitness Spa and Belinda Jones in your kitchen!!! Even though I’ve been down there a few times in years past, the new things I learned during my week in March 2018 changed my life forever from that point on.  It was how I managed to lose the weight so easily and most importantly, keep it off!

It cracked me up when a doctor assumed I had done gastric bypass surgery after weighing me and was shocked that I had done it by myself, no expensive diet, no special surgery. Just good decisions and hard work. Then, deciding to spend a week at the TN Fitness Spa after I had lost the first 10-15 lbs, kept me on the path. After doing their InBody assessment, and seeing just how much visceral fat there was around my organs, and elsewhere, it was all I needed!  I can’t wait to come back and do an updated one.  I may have lost enough to get me a block in your Block of Fame pathway!

Kerry S.

This is a great place to kick start your health and wellness plan. I have loved my stay here. This was my first time here, and I stayed one week. Next time I come I want to stay two weeks! The trainers are amazing and so nice and caring. Everyone working here from the house cleaners to the food staff are all so nice and helpful. I am very happy I found this place! It is a gem that is just two hours from Nashville!! They have everything you could ever want to get healthy. The food is all low calorie/high protein. It is wonderful. I loved the obstacle course and the stretch classes and the swim classes. I loved it all! Too much to mention! Come check it out is all I can say, you will be glad you did!!

I am very happy I found this place!
Laleh V. Nashville, TN

This resort in the beautiful Tennessee Mountains is a great setting to lose some weight.  Every morning they start off with a 3-mile walk followed by several hours of water aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, circuits, and sweat.  The gym is minimal but the instructors and the aerobics classes make up for it.  The food is pretty good and limited to something like 1200 calories or so.

If you can pull yourself off your bum after the intense exercise classes there are also a lot of other activities available.  I can’t tell you much about them because I was so exhausted after the classes I was in bed.  But I lost 7 pounds in 7 days.

I lost 7 pounds in 7 days
Molly D. Atlanta, GA

This is my third stay. Don’t let the Tennessee rustic appearance fool you. You will get some serious work done toward your fitness or weight goals. The food is delicious and nutritious but portioned to keep calories in check. I am not hungry after meals and I sleep like a baby every night. There is every form of instructor-led exercise you could think of. I’ve been concentrating on core strength, balance, and flexibility on this visit. We drive from Dallas, Texas and it is worth the drive.

This is the best fitness and wellness facility value in the country
Robin P. Dallas, TX

My week at TFS was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect, my friend did the research. The staff is helpful, readily available, and supportive. Each one chips in where needed, has time to chat with you and is engaging. Plus, they keep up and know their stuff. You enter the program without fuss. The food is quite good and filling. I was not hungry. Only a few of the dishes were a miss. But, a thoughtful chat with Chef Belinda and she understood. All kinds of activities and info sharing. Many of my fellow guests had been multiple times. The setting is lovely.

A jewel in Waynesboro
Mary F. Asheville, North Carolina

This is a wonderful place to come to invest in yourself and to reaffirm your life commitments. Tennessee Fitness Spa offers you an opportunity to reach fitness goals as well as spiritual goals in a non-shaming atmosphere. The setting is awesome, the staff highly trained and compassionate, and the program doable by anyone. Invest in yourself – it is worth it!

The setting is awesome
Ryan C. Waco, GA

I plan on returning on a regular basis. While not fancy, the food is good and you are never hungry. The workouts are many and you get out as much as you put in. The staff is excellent and really cares about the experience of the guests. Barry’s weight class is not to be missed. The guests are friendly and from all over the U.S. I went on my own and met wonderful folks both in classes and during meals. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. I stayed for a week and others stayed longer. You also pick up some wonderful information that will be helpful when you return to your life. Can’t wait for my next visit!

Just finished my second visit here
Libby S. Nashville, TN

It is a week-long camp but you can stay longer if you want. The food is good, the rooms are comfortable, and I am enjoying the weight lifting classes, cycle, and pool classes.

Love working out here.
Teena F. Hermiston, OR

After a very hectic summer, I decided to come here to get away from it all, refuel and regroup. What a great decision that was. The “spa” is rustic, remote, and absolutely wonderful. All of the staff here are nice, knowledgeable, and engaged in making sure each guest is getting from their stay what they came for. In reality, the clientele speaks for itself. Of the 35 or so guests on site this week, there are only maybe 3 who are first-time guests. After being here, I understand why. I’m already looking forward to my next visit. The food is protein-rich, balanced, and delicious. The grounds and surrounding area are absolutely gorgeous so the daily walks are something to really look forward to and enjoy each morning. There is no judgment, only encouragement. It is not a glitz and frills spa… It is so much more than that. The simplicity and casual atmosphere is refreshing. My room was basic and comfortable with a lovely porch equipped with a swing and rocking chair. I couldn’t ask for anything more and this has been and is just what I was looking for.

Absolutely wonderful
Pam K. Louisville, KY

An adult summer camp that can transform you. The instructors are some of the best. The staff is friendly. Great place to kickstart your healthy living transformation.

Jennie L. Marietta, GA