Beginner Essentials For Starting A Gym Routine

Are you taking yourself up with the resolution you made last year to start going to the gym this year, and now you need to figure out where to begin? Perhaps you have paid for a gym membership, and you’re now wondering what to bring with you and how exactly the whole process works. Having first-day syndrome is entirely normal and happens all the time at a new job, a new town, school, an apartment, a first date, and in your case, being new to the gym. Don’t stress about it, though. We have taken our time to scout around and put together a list of essential things you need to start a gym routine. 

Starting with a gym is a commitment that affects not only your body but also your health. It goes beyond wanting to lose weight or stay fit. It also means exercising to stay healthy, and what better way to ensure you’re healthy for the gym than doing a health check before you begin? Your fitness instructor or trainer will ask you a few questions so that they may be able to tailor your set of workout routines that suit you best.

The trainer may ask if:

  • You have any existing heart conditions
  • You have any medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension
  • You’ve had any significant operations in the past 12 months
  • You have any joint or bone conditions like arthritis
  • If a doctor has advised you to avoid specific exercises before

Once you’ve cleared that up with your trainer, it’s time to get into your workout spirit and head to the gym with a well-packed bag that includes the following:

1. Workout Clothes

This is one of the essential things a gym bag should have unless you’re changing from home before heading to the gym. Even if you are, it is still best to have a set of workout clothes packed in your bag for times when you are away from home or when you cannot get back home to change before going to the gym. And trust us, a suit or dress might look stunning, but it’s not something you want to get caught in on the treadmill. 

Your workout clothes are anything you feel comfortable wearing, as long as it doesn’t restrict your movement. They should help you stretch and feel tight, yet comfortable, as you work out. The aesthetics are totally up to you and your fashion sense.

2. A Water Bottle

“Oh, I don’t drink much water.” You are going to the gym to stretch muscles you haven’t in a while and push your body to new limits, which involves a lot of hydration. While you do so, you will need a water bottle. It is much better to pack a reusable water bottle you can refill when empty while you work out. 

3. Sweat Towels

Not every gym has good sweat towels you can use to wipe your face or body while you work out and that aside, some people might find it dirty to use, even though the available towels are washed regularly. Not all gyms offer these towels for free, and some charge a pretty high fee, so packing your workout set of two or three towels helps. 

4. Shower Essentials/ Change of Clothes

You will sweat a lot while working out, and sweat smells. Proper locker rooms/restrooms are always available at the gym, where you can take a shower and change out of your workout gear. Having your shower essentials is a win, and carrying a fresh set of clothes in your bag is extremely important, especially if you have an appointment elsewhere.

5. Headphones 

A gym is where you can meet new people and socialize, but that’s not why you’re there, right? Carrying headphones with you and blasting some of your favorite music, podcast, or a prepared workout playlist will keep you focused and, to some extent, even pump energy through you. Music makes the world move, doesn’t it?

6. Snacks

You’re at the gym to stay fit and healthy, not eat three donuts while you work out. That’s defeating the whole process, but who said anything about donuts? There are several healthy snacks, such as protein bars and dried fruits, that can help speed up the recovery process of your body afterwards or while taking a break from the machines.

7. Workout Shoes

You didn’t think you’d take a set of Palms to the gym, right? If you don’t own a sweet pair of sneakers or joggers, this is your cue to go shopping. There are no formal workout shoes. No, you just have to get something that works wonders for you and looks fantastic. So, whether it’s got the “I Love Lucy” heart logo on it or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it’s really up to you. 


Now, remember that if this is your first time at the gym or your first time starting a new routine, you’ve got to go easy on yourself and your body. You can do this by:

  • Having a balanced diet

Your body needs a proper and balanced intake of nutrients to keep up with you, so eating the right food helps you stick to your workout routine. 

  • Find the time and routine that work best for you

Some people are morning gym goers while some prefer evenings. Find your place among the two, and while at the gym, try and find a routine that works for you; don’t try to take up a routine just because someone else is doing it.


We are so excited and proud that you’re starting this journey. What’s more, we want to be with you all the way, giving free tips, advice, and helpful information on our website and social platforms, to see you through your journey. Here’s to hoping you have a wonderful year of crushing your goals!